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Coronavirus (COVID-19): a message to everyone we support.

Coronavirus: advice on drugs for young people

The safest choice is not to take any drugs at all during the coronavirus outbreak.

But if you do use drugs these tips will help keep you and the people around you safer.

Be economical with what you have

Make what you have last longer. Have a few puffs of a joint then put it out. Or vape weed instead – it’s more economical.

If you do go to a shop for essentials, stock up on things like cigarette papers so you’re going out less often.

Surf the cravings

Cravings pass quicker than you think. Try not to run out the house as soon as you get the urge for a joint or get low on supplies.

How to handle cravings

Think about what else you could do

Try and think about things you could do that are more productive than using drugs. This could be learning a new skill or keeping up with school or college work.

How to relax at home

Don’t panic buy

Try to just buy what you need rather than buying more drugs than usual to ‘see you through’.

Having lots of drugs at home could increase your risk of becoming dependent or even overdosing.

Avoid switching to other drugs

Your dealer may not have your usual drug available. But experimenting with a new substance that you aren’t used to can be risky.

Only buy off someone you trust

In times of crisis there are always people out to make a quick buck. You could end up buying something dodgy.

Don’t share with other people

Keep your stash to yourself. We shouldn’t be out in groups anyway, but you raise the risks of spreading the virus if you pass around a joint, bong, note or straw.

Get some support

If you want help and support to cut down or stop using drugs altogether, and you are over 13, you can chat to us online.

If you're 13 or under you can contact Childline for help and support.