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25 March 2019

Government report explores 'concerning' rise in crack use

Government report released today (March 25) explores reasons behind a 19% increase in adults starting treatment for crack cocaine use in England.

The PHE and Home Office report summarises the findings of a national inquiry into the rise in crack use that involved interviewing drug treatment workers, service users and police officers.

Addaction’s public policy manager Steve Moffatt said: “The rise in crack use is concerning, particularly when there’s a ‘hidden’ group who aren’t accessing support or treatment services. We need to get a much better understanding of this group, who they are and what their lives are like. The more information we have, the more we can improve ways of reaching them.

“The fact people are being ‘aggressively’ marketed to makes it vital people have access to up to date facts and advice to make informed decisions and that drug and alcohol services are adequately funded.

“It’s concerning how long it took for the rise in crack use to be clear at a national level. Government needs more up-to-date information on the trends in heroin and crack in order to take action sooner.”