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19 March 2020

We Are With You call for staff to be classified as ‘key workers’ in COVID-19 crisis

Laura Bunt, Acting Chief Executive at drug, alcohol and mental health charity We Are With You (formerly Addaction), said:

“Our front line workers and clinicians are key workers in this crisis, continuing to provide help and support to anyone who is experiencing issues with drugs, alcohol or mental health throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

“We call on the Department of Health & Social Care and Public Health England to ensure our staff are included in the government’s plans to allow children of key workers to remain in school. This will help our staff continue to keep people supported and safe during this very challenging time.

“As a drug, alcohol and mental health charity, we provide complex work including structured psychological treatment, harm reduction and clinical detox plans as well as medical advice and care. Many of the people we work with have underlying health issues that make them even more vulnerable to Covid-19. With greater social distancing and isolation measures, we ask for the support needed to help us keep the people we work with safe through what will be a very challenging time.”