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With You in

Liverpool, Central

This service is for you if you’re:

  • 18 and over
  • living in Liverpool
  • worried about your own drug or alcohol use or someone else’s

How we can help you

We offer free, confidential support with alcohol and drugs.

We’ll work with you on your own goals, whether that’s cutting down your drug and alcohol use, stopping completely or just getting a bit of advice.

What to expect when you visit a drug and alcohol service

We can also support you if you’re worried about someone else’s drinking or drug use.

We have a needle and syringe service

You can:

  • pick up free needles and barrels
  • return used equipment
  • get confidential advice

What to expect when you visit a needle exchange

Get in touch


0151 706 7888

Local charges apply

The Foundry

36 Henry Street


L1 5BS

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