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Information, advice and self-help resources to help you cut down or stop drinking or using drugs, and improve your mental wellbeing. 

Making changes to your drug and alcohol use

How to Talk to Someone about Your Alcohol or Drug Use

Advice on how to tell someone about your alcohol or drug use, including what to say, what reaction to expect and the upsides of being open and honest.

How to Change a Habit

How to break an alcohol or drug habit, including how to how to form new habits and handle cravings.

How to Stay Free of Alcohol or Drugs

Tips to help you stay alcohol- or drug-free, including advice on coping with cravings and triggers, and refreshing your recovery goals.

How to Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic, measurable goals will help you make small changes that add up to a big difference in your life.

How to Cut Down on Alcohol

Tips to help you cut down how much alcohol you drink, including how to handle cravings for alcohol and deal with setbacks.

How to Stop Smoking Cannabis (Weed)

How to cut down or stop cannabis (weed), with advice on how to prepare to cut down cannabis and coping with cannabis cravings

How to Stop Taking Cocaine with Alcohol

Do you get cravings for cocaine every time you drink alcohol? Here's why it happens and how you can stop taking cocaine. Includes advice on the risks of cocaethylene.

How to Handle Cravings

How to manage drug and alcohol cravings, including how to plan for them and distract yourself while they are happening so that you don't go back to old habits.

Triggers: How to Manage and Avoid Them

How triggers make you crave drugs or alcohol and how you can start to avoid them.

What to Do if You Lapse or Relapse

What to do if you lapse or relapse after stopping or cutting down drugs or alcohol.

Coping with Cannabis Withdrawal

How to cope with cannabis (weed) withdrawal symptoms, including sleep problems, strange dreams, anxiety, anger, sweats and changes in your appetite.

Find Local Drug and Alcohol Support

Find local support for drugs, alcohol, or mental health with our local service finder.

Reach out and get support

If you don’t know where to turn, we’re here. Whether you need advice for yourself or a loved one, the journey starts with a step. When you’re ready to take it, we can help you along the path.