How to use a naloxone injection (Prenoxad)

The naloxone injection (Prenoxad) reverses the effects of opioid drugs like heroin, morphine, methadone and fentanyl.

If you suspect someone has overdosed

If you suspect someone has overdosed, it’s always best to administer naloxone because it won’t harm them.

Drugs bought illicitly can contain a mixture of substances, including opioids, so use naloxone if you have it by following these steps.

Naloxone Instructions 1

Step 1

Call 999 and ask for an ambulance.

Make sure it's safe for you to approach the person who has overdosed.

Remove the clear film wrapper and twist the plastic box to break the seals.

Naloxone Instructions 2 (2)

Step 2

The box holds 2 needles, a syringe containing 5 doses of naloxone and instructions.

Naloxone Instructions 3

Step 3

Unscrew the clear plastic top from the syringe.

Naloxone Instructions 4

Step 4

Open a needle by pushing it through the paper side of the packet.

Naloxone Instructions 5

Step 5

With the needle still in its cover, screw it on to the syringe.

Naloxone Instructions 6

Step 6

Gently twist the needle cover to remove it from the syringe.

Naloxone Instructions 7

Step 7

Hold the syringe like a pen.

Naloxone Instructions 8

Step 8

Insert the needle into the person’s outer thigh muscle or upper arm muscle, through clothing if necessary.

Naloxone Instructions 9

Step 9

Push the plunger to the first black line to inject a single dose of naloxone.

Naloxone Instructions 10 2

Step 10

After administering the dose, don't remove the needle or replace the cap, just rest the syringe back in the yellow box.

If the person is still unconscious after 2-3 minutes, inject another dose. Repeat every 2-3 minutes until the person comes round or the ambulance arrives.

If the person comes round:

  • they may become distressed or angry – encourage them to stay calm

  • tell them you have given them naloxone

  • explain that the naloxone will wear off after 20-30 minutes and they may go back into overdose

  • stay with them until the ambulance arrives – try not to let them take more drugs as they risk overdosing again

  • hand any used naloxone to ambulance staff

  • keep yourself safe at all times

If the person goes back into overdose...

give them another dose of naloxone, waiting 3 minutes between each dose.