Services for young people

If you’re a young person looking for advice and support around drugs, alcohol or your mental health, we’re here to help. If you’re a parent or family member worried about a young person, we're here for you too.

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Support with drugs, alcohol and mental health

We run young people and family services across England and Scotland. Our services are mainly for people aged 11-18, sometimes up to age 24, as well as for their families.

You’ll find a warm welcome and free, non-judgmental support and advice from our young people's services across England and Scotland.

Our aim is to help you make the positive changes you need to feel better, stronger and more in control, so that you move forward in your life, with confidence. 

Services for young people and families

Drug and Alcohol Support for Young People

We provide drug and alcohol support, treatment and information for young people and their families.

Support for Parents, Carers and Families

How we can help you if you're concerned that a young person you care for is using drugs or alcohol.

CBT for Young People

We provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as part of our drug and alcohol support for children and young people with specific support in Kent, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and Lancashire.

Support in Schools

We provide free support and training for schools in areas where we have drug and alcohol services, including coming into your school or providing remote support.

Support and Training for Professionals

Training and advice around the issues of drugs and alcohol for professionals working with young people.

Support for Young People Affected by Parents, Carers and Families Drugs or Alcohol Use

We have help and information available if you feel confused, stressed or anxious about a family member’s drug or alcohol use.

Mind and Body Programme

A free mental health programme for young people who are self-harming, at risk of self-harming or struggling with their mental health.

Pre-arrest Diversion

Support for young people to encourage them to divert away from the criminal justice system and receive advice and support around challenges with drugs.

Support for Young People Missing from Home or Care

All about our support for young people missing from home or care across Cheshire West & Chester, Warrington, and Halton.

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Beth's story

Beth’s inspiring story of resilience, from struggling with drug use and mental health to finding purpose in the NHS, shows just how powerful getting the right support can be.

"When I look back at how I am now compared to where I was, I feel I’m the person I always wanted to be." - Beth, 19, Grantham

Sian Sinnott, Staff, TT 1

What to expect from our services

We're here to listen, not judge, and we won’t tell anyone about anything you tell us without your permission.

We’ll work together with you on your personal goals, whatever they may be. You can meet us where you feel most comfortable, such as at your home, school, college, or youth club.

You don't have to pay for any of our services. 

Thinking about getting in touch with one of our young person's services? 

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Find your nearest WithYou service and you'll see the details of the local services they offer.

If we don't run a young person's service in your area, we'll direct you to your local provider.

Not ready for an in-person service? Chat to one of our trained recovery workers online to get free, confidential advice and information.

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20-25 miles - Generally between a minimum of 50 minutes to 1.5 hours travel time expected via public transport or personal vehicle. This may depend on form of transport, time of travel and/or road layouts