Mind and Body Programme

Support for young people who are self-harming, at risk of self-harming or struggling with their mental health.

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About Mind and Body

Mind and Body is a free mental health programme for young people who are self-harming, at risk of self-harming or struggling with their mental health.

It helps young people find positive ways to manage difficult thoughts and feelings. 

We deliver the Mind and Body programme to small groups in secondary schools and in the community. This is a safe space for young people to share their worries, and explore new coping strategies.

“The sessions helped me not to listen to my self-critical voice. I have a whole new outlook now.” WithYou Mind and Body client

Where do Mind and Body sessions take place?

We work with a wide range of secondary schools and education establishments to deliver Mind and Body to small groups or individuals within their facilities. 

The programme is also delivered in a community location in some areas. For people who can’t attend face-to-face, we offer virtual online sessions as an alternative. 

How is the programme delivered?

The journey begins with an initial one-on-one appointment. The Mind and Body practitioner will talk about individual needs and goals to see if the programme is the right fit.  

The programme then runs as a series of small group sessions, working through a range of activities to explore different coping strategies. Everyone gets a workbook to practise tools and recap on learning. 

Following the group sessions, there’s a review to look at what has been learned and identify any additional areas where support may be needed.

“My practitioner was a really amazing help to me. She knew how to listen to me and actually gave me useful tips and practical resolutions.”

Working in small groups

Initially, some young people can be daunted by the idea of working in a small group. But delivering the sessions in this way can help them to see that they’re not alone in their thinking. 

Small groups offer the potential to learn from the experience of others. Often, the groups develop strong bonds and friendships which last beyond programme delivery. 

“The programme itself was also really good as I was given great tools, some of which I can really use to help me with my struggles. The workbook is also a lovely addition, I really like how you can make it personal, as I love colouring.”

Mind and Body for parents and professionals 

Alongside supporting young people, we provide parents, carers, supportive others and professionals with information and guidance on how to help young people who may be struggling with their emotions and wellbeing, or who are at risk of self-harming behaviours.  

If you’re a parent looking for support, or if you are a professional wanting some training, we can talk you through the different options available to help you be the best support you can be to a young person.  

You can use our service finder, to find contact details for your local service. 

Mind and Body for your school

If you are a school in an area where we deliver Mind and Body and would like us to deliver the programme in your setting, contact your local service and ask for the Mind and Body Project Request Form.

How to access the Mind and Body programme

If you’re a young person, a parent or carer, or a professional working with young people in Kent, Medway, Cornwall, Lancashire or Liverpool, and would like to know more about Mind and Body, please get in touch. 

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