Donate in memory

Make a donation to WithYou in memory of someone special

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Honour your loved one

Thank you for considering making a donation to WithYou in memory of someone special. 

If you would like to honour a loved one by donating to WithYou, we are here for you every step of the way. 

Celebrate their life through a funeral collection in their memory. You can set up an online tribute page or give us a call to make other arrangements. 

Other ways to celebrate the life of your loved one

  • Create a memory wall as a tribute to your loved one. Donate to WithYou in their memory to help us reach more people who need our support.

  • Take on a challenge and fundraise in their honour. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but maybe been afraid to try? JustGiving has a guide to help you set up a fundraising page in memory of someone special. 

Please get in touch

Please contact us to talk about the impact your donation could have on those we support, and how to make this happen. 

Get in touch via email at

Or give us a call on 07977 541 389.

Where to look for support if you're struggling

  • DrugFAM provides a lifeline of safe and caring support to families, friends and partners affected or bereaved by a loved one's use of drugs, alcohol or gambling.

  • BEAD Project is a source of information and support for those bereaved through alcohol and drugs.

  • Scottish Families support anyone affected by someone else’s alcohol or drug use in Scotland.