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From the beginning, storytelling has been at the heart of our work. We tell the real stories of real people, unapologetically and unashamedly. These narratives break down barriers, reduce stigma, and inspire understanding. Storytelling isn't just part of our history; it's a way to give hope.

A cheerful middle-aged man in a blue t-shirt standing in a community garden with greenery and a small shed in the background.


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Building connection: Penny and Scott

His story goes to show that there is always hope and, with the right support, everyone can recover. Penny, Team…

Two individuals in formal attire stand at a train station; one holds a wreath of red poppies and the other displays a medal and a ticket.

Finding community with our Armed Forces Programme: Graham

The only way that I could get on top of it was to have a drink – I stopped drinking…

A woman with blonde hair, wearing a black blouse with red and white floral patterns, smiles gently. The background shows sunlit greenery.

Sculpting strength: Using art to enhance recovery

I know that without Recast, I probably wouldn’t be here today. Tracy, Stoke-on-Trent Tracy's story Where did it all start?…

A man wearing a blue zip-up sweatshirt with "cornwall" embroidered on it is standing in a garden with trees, flowers, and a bench in the background.

Breaking the cycle and unlocking potential

The IPS team has helped me break the cycle. Dylan, 45, Cornwall Dylan's story Where did it all start? “I…

A middle-aged woman, wearing a blue hoodie, stands near a hallway wall, smiling gently towards the camera.

How we helped Louise to find her smile again

Before, I couldn't see life, it was all dark. Now it's amazing. I can see how bright the world is.…

A smiling man wearing a black jacket and cap stands indoors, with a blue WithYou notice board visible in the background.

The power of knowing you're not alone

Drink first, myself second - everyone else came last.  Phil, Darlington Phil's story Where did it all start? “When I…

A man standing outdoors with trees in the background. He wears a black and is smiling.

Taking it step by step to reach your goal

Recovery isn’t just about stopping, it’s also about what comes after stopping.  Steven, 42, Grantham Steven's story Where did it…

A woman in a black shirt stands smiling in a field, holding a leash attached to a calm donkey.

Reclaiming life at Greenslate Community Farm

I can’t explain it but I know that it’s the farm that’s changed me. Susan, Wigan & Leigh Susan's story…

A smiling woman in a denim jacket and glasses stands in front of a textured stone wall.

Empowering our young people: Finding purpose and giving back

When I look back at how I am now compared to where I was, I feel I’m the person…

Shaun Withyou In NE Lincs (4)

Recovering an old self, discovering new passions

It took ‘me’ away. I have recovered my old self. That's what I see recovery as - recovering yourself. …


Using lived-experience to find purpose and build trust

I did have a right to be okay.  Bel, Staff, BCP Bel's story Drugs controlled Bel’s life for 27 years.…


Volunteering: Enhancing and sustaining recovery

From every session I have with a client, whether that’s group sessions, face-to-face or over the phone — every bit…

Cathy 1

From client to advocate: Cathy's journey to WithYou volunteer

I fill my day with helping others, and I have a purpose. Cathy, Volunteer, Liverpool Cathy's story Where did it…

A middle-aged man smiling at the camera, standing in a greenhouse with various plants under a structure with transparent roofing.

Greenslate Community Farm: A home away from home

This is where my heart is. It’s where I feel safe. Mark, Volunteer, Wigan & Leigh Mark's story Mark was…


Finding your voice and regaining control: Jeni

She found my voice when I couldn't find it. And she spoke up for me when I didn't think anyone…

Find out more about our original story, Mollie's initial plea  — a powerful lived experience that sparked a movement.