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This holiday season, you can help people experiencing challenges with drugs, alcohol or their mental health enjoy a happier and healthier time with those closest to them.

Mark's Story

Mark was alcohol dependent for over 20 years. His life had crumbled around him: it impacted his family, his job, and who he wanted to be as a person.

Today, with the support of WithYou, Mark no longer drinks alcohol and volunteers four times a week with our service at Greenslate Community Farm in Wigan.

"With the support of WithYou, I had the confidence to face the root cause of my addiction. By knowing what it was, I could confront it and talk about it. And once I did that? It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I wasn't afraid anymore. I'm in control of my own life now, and this has opened so many doors and opportunities for me. WithYou opened my eyes to the potential of what my life could be like - I have a future now.”

– Mark, WithYou Client
  • Mark has been a regular volunteer, supporting our clients going through the same programme.

Since graduating from the 12-week community rehab programme at Greenslate, Mark has been a regular volunteer, supporting our clients going through the same programme.

“I’d never heard of Greenslate, but upon stepping up the drive, it just felt like home straight away… All the comradery, community and cooperation makes it feel like home. If I hadn’t come to the farm, I wouldn’t be here.

“I can show people that there is life outside of addiction. It’s about giving people the confidence to be who they are, giving them different choices, changing perceptions, and letting people grow.”

– Mark, WithYou Client

Mark, and other volunteers at the farm, will provide Christmas dinners and fun activities for clients and their families, as we know this time of year can be difficult for the people we work with.

Mark’s story is an example of how, with the right support, people can transform their lives in ways they couldn’t previously imagine.

By donating to WithYou, you can help us to continue our mission of supporting and uplifting individuals in their journey towards a brighter future.

Any gift, no matter how small, will help more people who are experiencing issues with drug and alcohol use. A donation of £12, for example, can pay for a support session with a trained advisor for people needing advice and support through our webchat service.

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