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Our support groups

Our support groups are a place for people who are experiencing issues with drug and alcohol to come together and help each other.

They're sometimes known as Mutual Aid Partnership, or MAP, groups.

The groups are free and confidential. You can join for as little or as long as you want.

What happens at a support group?

When you first arrive you’ll get a warm welcome from the person leading the group and the other group members.

You’ll be able to get tea or coffee before you start and you’ll sit in a circle, usually round a table.

Some people will be new to the group. Others may have been going for a long time.

I love the groups. I go every week and they have really helped me through some dark times

– Willie

Our support groups are different to AA or NA meetings

Rather than focussing on how you’re feeling, our support groups are about helping each other find practical ways to deal with life’s challenges.

The meetings are run by With You staff or by experienced volunteers who may have had issues with alcohol or drugs themselves in the past.

They will suggest simple tools and techniques to help everyone in the group solve their problems and difficulties.

Online groups

Some With You services offer local online groups that you can join by phone, tablet or laptop.

We also have some national online groups that you can join from anywhere in the country.

Learn more about our online groups.

Who are our support groups for?

Our support groups welcome anyone who:

  • has (or has had) issues with drugs or alcohol
  • would welcome support with managing day-to-day life

You don’t need to stop drinking or using drugs to go to the groups, but you can’t be under the influence while you’re actually there.

Some With You services do have groups that are only for people who have stopped drinking or using drugs.

Some services also run groups for:

  • family and friends
  • young people
  • women
  • people over 50
  • forces veterans

Check with your local service.