Letter to a loved one

Writing a letter can be a good way to start a conversation with a friend or family member about their drinking or drug use.

How to write a letter to a loved one

Here's a simple template to help you organise your thoughts and get the conversation started:

Reassure the person how much you care

For example: I care about you and our relationship very much.

Explain how you feel using “I feel…” statements

For example: I feel sad and lonely when you pass out on the sofa every night.

Or: When you go out to score I feel worried about your safety and our family’s safety.

Explain what you would like to see happen

For example: I’d really like you to get some support to cut down your drinking.

Or: I want us to talk openly and honestly about your drug use.

Tell them why this is important

For example: I love you and want us to start enjoying each other’s company again.

Or: I need to know that you and our family are safe.

Suggest how you can take this forward

For example: Can we agree on a time to sit down and talk about this tomorrow?

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

Remember, raising your concerns with someone close to you can be a stepping stone to positive change. 

We're here to support you too

All of our services offer support to family and friends of people who are experiencing challenges with drugs or alcohol. We also have lots more helpful advice and guides to help you be there for your loved ones, whilst also looking after yourself.