What is CBT-based guided self-help?

Find out exactly what CBT-based guided self-help is, and how it can help.

What is CBT-based guided self-help?

CBT-based guided self-help is a type of therapy that uses a workbook or computer-based programme that you can work through yourself, with the support of a therapist. 

Using a CBT-based approach, it helps you to understand your problem and make positive changes in your life. 

You can use guided self-help as an option on its own, or you can use it whilst you are waiting to start another form of therapy. 

What difficulties might CBT-based guided self-help help with?

CBT-based guided self-help has been found to be effective when treating people who experience:

  • some types of depression
  • anxiety
  • panic disorder
  • obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

How does CBT-based guided self-help work?

The guided self-help we offer is based on a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach and therefore works in a very similar way to CBT. It works by helping the individual understand how their thoughts influence their emotions and behaviour. 

CBT- based guided self-help aims to help people understand that their thoughts are not always accurate. Thoughts can sometimes be unhelpful and it is this pattern of thinking that can lead to difficulties with what we do (behaviour) and our emotions (how we feel). 

CBT can help a person build skills such as:

  • Helping them to understand how thoughts, emotions and behaviours work together
  • Helping them to understand what is keeping their problem going
  • Helping them to develop and try out potential ways of solving their problem
  • Helping them to become an expert in their own problem

What's it like to receive CBT-based guided self-help?

If you choose a guided self-help option, either as an option on its own, or as an intervention while you are waiting for treatment with a therapist, you will be given access to a digital programme called Silvercloud. 

Silvercloud is the online CBT programme that we use. To access it, you’ll need access to a phone, tablet or computer. You choose the modules most relevant to you and work through them at your own pace.

Throughout the programme, we will be in contact with you to check in on your progress and to guide you through the programme. 

There’s no waiting time for Silvercloud so you can start it straightaway.