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Letter to a loved one

Writing a letter can be a good way to start a conversation with a friend or family member about their drinking or drug use.

Here's a simple template to help you organise your thoughts.

Reassure the person how much you care.

For example: I care about you and our relationship very much.

Explain how you feel using “I feel…” statements.

For example: I feel sad and lonely when you pass out on the sofa every night.

Or: When you go out to score I feel worried about your safety and our family’s safety.

Explain what you would like to see happen

For example: I’d really like you to get some support to cut down your drinking.

Or: I want us to talk openly and honestly about your drug use.

Tell them why this is important

For example: I love you and want us to start enjoying each other’s company again.

Or: I need to know that you and our family are safe.

Suggest how you can take this forward

For example: Can we agree a time to sit down and talk about this tomorrow?