18 June 2024

North Somerset residents receive life-changing dental care thanks to new partnership launch

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A number of clients supported by WithYou in North Somerset have received life-changing dental care, thanks to a partnership between Dentaid The Dental Charity, The Health Lottery, WithYou, and North Somerset Council.

A purpose built van allows Dentaid to take dental treatment directly to local communities, and today, it’s been parked up in Weston-super-Mare.

Nicholas, who’s supported by WithYou in North Somerset, had a tooth removed today. He said: "I'm over the moon, absolutely over the moon. They've taken out a painful tooth and they're going to help me with some of the other issues I've been having. Today is the first day of the rest of my life."

Representatives from WithYou in North Somerset, North Somerset Council, Dentaid the Dental Charity and The Health Lottery

GIll Flanagan, Head of Service Delivery at WithYou said: “People who use drugs or alcohol are more likely to experience oral health problems. These issues can have a significant negative impact on their physical and mental health.

“For some of our clients, as they start to reduce or stop their drug or alcohol use, they tell us that their dental pain prevents them from being where they want to be in their recovery. 

“We are eternally grateful to Dentaid, The Health Lottery, North Somerset Council and the other organisations who’ve made today possible - the difference that this service will make to our clients is huge.”

The Dentaid van will be returning to North Somerset over the summer so that more people can benefit from access to dental treatment. 

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