12 January 2024

Support for young people who are self-harming

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Our Mind and Body programme supports children and young adults who are self-harming, at risk of self-harming, or struggling with their mental wellbeing.

We help young people find positive ways to manage difficult thoughts and feelings, working with small groups in secondary schools, in the community and through virtual sessions.

Each young person is provided with a workbook which recaps the tools they have developed during the sessions and includes space to write about feelings, as well as mandalas for mindful colouring.

One young woman said: “My practitioner was a really amazing help to me. She knew how to listen to me and actually gave me useful tips and practical resolutions.

“The programme itself was also really good as I was given great tools, some of which I can really use to help me with my struggles. The workbook is also a lovely addition, I really like how you can make it personal, as I love colouring.”

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