05 July 2024

WithYou responds to the general election 2024



Simon Phillips, CEO of drug, alcohol and mental health charity WithYou, said:

“Today, we give a warm welcome to our new Government and look forward to working with them to help more people get support for challenges with drugs, alcohol and mental health.

“Whilst the increased investment in the drug and alcohol services in recent years has allowed us to be more innovative, support communities that are harder to reach and help more people, this additional and vital funding is coming to an end. There is still a lot more that needs to be done. 

“We know that alcohol and drug-related deaths are highest in the most deprived areas, so we welcome the new Government’s commitment to reducing health inequality, but we call on them to be even more ambitious. We want to see a continuation of investment into drug and alcohol treatment that we’ve seen in recent years so that many more people can get the care and support they need and deserve.”


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