26 January 2024

WithYou welcomes new drug testing pilot in Bristol

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On Friday 26 January, a former WithYou client spoke on BBC Breakfast alongside The Loop’s Professor Fiona Measham to welcome The Loop’s new drug testing pilot, which launches in Bristol this weekend.

Cathy, a volunteer from Liverpool, joined The Loop’s Professor Fiona Measham on the BBC breakfast sofa to share her story. Bravely opening up about the challenges she experienced with heroin for over 29 years, Cathy shared how WithYou supported her and how important drug testing is in reducing harm.

Sarah Allen, Executive Director of Contract Management and Business Development at WithYou said: “We support drug checking because it reduces drug-related harm, encourages people to check what they plan on taking, and can save lives. Knowing what is in a drug and how strong it is can reduce the risk of having a negative reaction to a drug and can help avoid overdose.

We would like to congratulate The Loop for launching this pilot and driving this important initiative forwards. We are extremely proud to have played a very small part in raising awareness of this work, and we wish the city of Bristol the very best for their launch this weekend!”

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