02 October 2023

Accessing support in the digital age: The impact of WithYou's webchat service


A vivid picture of lives touched, crises averted, and challenges overcome.

This impact report offers an in-depth exploration of our webchat service, first introduced in 2017. Catering to the diverse and often urgent needs of those seeking guidance on alcohol, drugs, and mental health, webchat provides accessible, instantaneous, and high-quality support. The virtual nature of this service has helped to break down some of the most common barriers to seeking help, including geography, work schedules, societal stigmas, or personal apprehensions. Our report finds that it is a crucial platform in reaching people who have never before sought assistance. 

In addition to a detailed overview of the numbers and demographic breakdown of those who use webchat, the report includes the stories behind the numbers. It’s not just about the individuals who directly seek help; it’s also about the family members, friends, and loved ones who are indirectly affected, many of whom have turned to our webchat for guidance.