01 January 2021

Evaluation of the Drink Wise, Age Well Programme: 2015 to 2020


The Drink Wise, Age Well programme was delivered over five years from 2015 to 2020.

Alcohol consumption and related harm are on the rise, particularly among individuals aged 55 and above. This age group, notably those between 55-64, surpass others in alcohol consumption and exceed recommended guidelines. Alcohol-related deaths peak within the 55-64 age bracket and have surged among the over 65s over the past two decades.

In response to this growing concern, WithYou secured a £25 million fund to work with partnership organisations and launch the Drink Wise, Age Well programme across the UK. Recognizing low awareness levels among older adults and professionals, the programme aimed to address alcohol-related issues through awareness-raising, intervention, and challenging stereotypes.

Our evaluation report highlights the programme's success in reaching over 60,000 individuals and its positive impact on communities. Through academic evaluation, it identifies our key areas of impact, including increased knowledge, resilience, and reduced stigma.