01 February 2018

Mind and Body Programme: Impact Report 2017


Evaluation of the the Mind and Body pilot. 

Mind and Body supports young people (aged 13-17) who are involved in, or may be vulnerable to self-harming behaviours. The programme looks to support those who do not meet Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) thresholds but who could benefit from specialised input. 

This report sets out the findings of an evaluation carried out by University of Bath at three Mind and Body pilot sites in Kent, Cornwall and Lancashire. Data was collected from 299 participants on mental wellbeing and emotional behaviours before and after they had completed the programme, and bespoke measures were used to collect data about self-harm, particularly in relation to thoughts, actions and additional risk behaviours.

The evaluation found the Mind and Body programme had a positive impact on young people’s awareness, thoughts, feelings and behaviours relating to self-harm and risk-taking, as well as their coping mechanisms and classroom behaviour.