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Give in memory of your loved one

Make a donation or raise funds in memory of your loved one and help us support more people to change.

Make a donation

Making a gift in memory of your loved one is a special way to remember and celebrate them. It allows their legacy to live on in the lives of every person we help to change.

Donate in memory of your loved one

Hold a funeral collection

Collecting donations rather than having flowers at your loved one’s funeral is another special way to remember them.

We would be honoured to help you remember your loved one in this way. We hope it will offer you some comfort to know that every donation allows us to help more people lead healthier, happier lives.

Email us at or phone us on 0207 251 5860 if you would like collection tins or envelopes, or just to find out more.

Need some support?

If you need a listening ear at this difficult time, you can chat to us online or chat to a bereavement counsellor via our partner Much Loved's Grief Chat.

Set up an online tribute page

An online tribute page is a special place you can visit again and again to remember and celebrate the life of your loved one.

You, your family and friends can come together to donate online, post pictures, memories and virtual candles.

It only takes a few minutes to set a tribute page up through our partner Much Loved.

If you need any help you can contact us on or 020 7017 2753.