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Our Community Link Workers in Scotland

We Are With You’s Community Link Workers are based in GP practices in Scotland. We support people with a variety of social, financial, mental health and practical issues. This gives GPs and nursing staff more time to deal with your medical issues.

It could be anything from helping you with benefits, housing, bereavement, anxiety and low mood to helping you join activities in your community.

Anybody can turn to us for support with anything.”

– Megan, Community Link Worker in Glasgow

Although Community Link Workers aren’t part of the NHS, we work closely with GPs and practice staff. We have experience of working in a range of areas including social care, charities, community work, drug and alcohol support, housing and money advice.

Where are our Community Link Workers based?

We Are With You’s Community Link Workers are based in GP practices in four areas of Scotland:

  • Argyll and Bute
  • East Lothian
  • Glasgow
  • Renfrewshire

How can I get an appointment with a Community Link Worker?

If you would like to see one of our Community Link Workers, you can ask your GP or practice nurse to refer you.

In Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Argyll and Bute: you can refer yourself directly to the Community Link Worker without seeing your GP – just ask the GP receptionist for their contact details.

In East Lothian: you can also request a referral through the Care When It Counts (CWIC) Mental Health Helpline, tel: 01620 642 963.

Am I eligible?

Anyone can make an appointment with a Community Link Worker. You just need to be:

  • registered with the GP practice they are based in
  • aged 18 or over (or aged 16 or over in Glasgow)

If you are under 18, your parent or carer can make an appointment for you and come along to the appointment with you.

What can a Community Link Worker help me with?

While your GP and practice nurse offer treatments for medical issues, they often don’t have time to explore other types of support with their patients. This is where Community Link Workers come in.

We’re able to spend more time with you, exploring other resources and techniques that may be helpful to you.

Here are some of the problems we can help with:

  • loss and bereavement
  • loneliness and social isolation
  • relationship problems
  • feeling low or anxious
  • unemployment or difficulties at work
  • worries about money, debt or housing
  • supporting you to join activities in your community

Community Link Workers can also help you with digital skills. We can support you to get online so you can manage your finances, stay in touch with friends and family, or access online support.

Thanks for making me feel more like myself.”

– Community Link Worker client in Renfrewshire

What will happen when I go to see a Community Link Worker?

Our Community Link Workers are friendly, non-judgemental people who are there to listen and support you, whatever you’re having difficulty with.

You’ll usually have about 4-6 meetings with us.

You can talk to us face to face, over the phone or via a video link – whatever works for you.

Community Link Workers will always be guided by your goals and priorities. You’ll be able to take things at your own pace and you’ll never have to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

Our online health and wellbeing groups

Our Community Link Workers also run health and wellbeing groups. These groups are a great way to share your experience with people who are going through similar things to you, and to learn from each other.

Our groups are friendly and filled with useful tips and techniques to help you manage your health and wellbeing. Some examples of the groups we offer include:

  • improving your sleep
  • dealing with chronic pain
  • coping with stress
  • the menopause and you

Is it confidential?

We won't share your information with anyone else unless:

  • you give us permission
  • we're concerned about your safety or someone else’s

See more about how We Are With You protects your privacy.

Please get in touch

Drop us an email if you would like more information about our Community Link Workers or our online support groups: