Support for the Armed Forces Community

We offer tailored support for military personnel, veterans and their families who have challenges with drug or alcohol use.

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WithYou for the Armed Forces Community

Our Armed Forces Community programme (formerly 'Right Turn') provides specialist support for military personnel, veterans and their families.

Life after the military can be a challenging time. Fitting into civilian life, and finding new purpose and meaning, can be difficult. Some can start using drugs or alcohol in a way that doesn’t help. This is where we come in.

We help people to lead a fulfilling life not hindered by dependence. We do this by acknowledging the specific experiences of people in the armed forces community, capitalising on the strengths of military identity and using this to enhance recovery.

Who we help

When we talk about the ‘Armed Forces Community’, this means military personnel who have served for at least one day, and their family members. If you’re unsure if this includes you, get in touch with your local service and they will point you to the right support.

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Serving members of UK Armed Forces


Veterans who have previously served in the UK Armed Forces


Members of the UK Reserve Forces


Military family members or dependents

How we help

We provide a tailored treatment and support programme for members of the armed forces community. You’ll be able to access our standard treatment options through our network of local services, delivered in a way that recognises your unique needs.

WithYou’s drug and alcohol services offer free and confidential support to people who want to cut down or stop their drug or alcohol use. 

We offer support with any substance a person considers to be a problem, whether that's alcohol or drugs, such as cannabis, cocaine, ketamine or steroids, as well as opiates such as heroin and benzodiazepines.

As part of our treatment programmes, we offer one to one support for anyone facing challenges with drugs and alcohol.

This includes:

  • advice and information around your drug and alcohol use and details about what further support is available to you
  • treatment and support to help you cut down, or stop, your drug or alcohol use 

To find out more see:

Change is easier if you have other people to support you. Groups and meetings are a great way to make positive steps in recovery.

We give you access to groups and activities which are attended exclusively by members of the armed forces community. And the opportunity to connect with wider veteran and military networks and social groups too. 

If you're a family member impacted by a loved one’s alcohol or drug use, we can also support you. 

You’ll receive support from one of our Armed Forces Leads, with access to peer support groups and activities which are tailored to people in military families. 

If you think you might be entitled to support but are not sure, please get in touch with us and we can discuss what options are available to you. 

Through our services you can access support with a range of other issues, such as mental health, physical health, housing and more.

We'll give you information about wider services and benefits available to veterans and military personnel, and help you find the help you need. 

When you’re in the Forces it can be difficult asking for help due to the stigma around alcohol. You are trained to be fierce, strong and brave. However, for me, being brave was making that first phone call to WithYou. I’m so glad I did. These days I am happy and alcohol free. WithYou client
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Our team

Mark, Armed Forces Coordinator, Cornwall

“I am responsible for supporting anyone who has served in the Armed Forces in Cornwall. It's a rewarding role. Being a veteran myself, I want to make sure that the community is represented in the best way possible."

Andy, National Armed Forces Lead

“I was fortunate enough to have a 25-year career in His Majesty's Armed Forces within the British Army. I’m now dedicated to ensuring comprehensive care and support for all members of the armed forces community who engage with WithYou's Drug and Alcohol services."

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Looking for support with drugs, alcohol, or your mental health?

Our Armed Forces Community Programme is embedded in WithYou services nationally, through a network of trained leads and staff. Contact one of our 80 local services across England and Scotland for free, confidential support and advice.

Not ready for an in-person service? Chat to one of our trained recovery workers online to get free, confidential advice and information.

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1-2 miles - Considered within walking distance threshold, however, cycling, public transport, or a personal vehicle is advised if no safe walking routes.
10-15 miles - Generally between a minimum of 30 mins to 1 hour travel time expected via public transport or personal vehicle. This may depend on form of transport, time of day and/or road layouts.
20-25 miles - Generally between a minimum of 50 minutes to 1.5 hours travel time expected via public transport or personal vehicle. This may depend on form of transport, time of travel and/or road layouts

I never thought I'd find the support I needed, but now I know there's a network that cares about veterans like me. Thank you, WithYou. WithYou client

Our funders

WithYou for the Armed Forces Community operates across England and Scotland and is kindly funded by the following: