Safer ways to use amphetamine

We recognise that some ways of using amphetamines carry less risk than others. This information can help you reduce harm.

How to reduce harm when using amphetamine

Taking amphetamine will always carry risk but you can reduce harm by snorting or swallowing it, or putting it up your bum, instead of  injecting.

Snorting (sniffing) it

To snort speed:

  1. Roll up a piece of paper or card into a straw
  2. Put a small amount of speed onto a smooth, clean surface
  3. Chop it with a clean razor blade or knife to get rid of any lumps
  4. Use the razor blade or knife to make a short line of speed
  5. Put one end of the straw into your nose then run the other end along the line and inhale the speed in one go

Swallowing it

Speed can be swallowed by mixing it with a drink. You can also ‘bomb’ it – wrap it in a cigarette paper and swallow it.

Putting it up your bum

The inside of your bum (anus) has a good blood supply. That means anything you put up there gets into your bloodstream quickly.

To take speed via your bum:

  1. Get it ready in the barrel as though you were going to inject
  2. Take the needle off 
  3. Lie on your side and apply lubricant, as this will help to reduce the risk of tears
  4. Put the tip of the barrel about an inch into your bum and push the plunger - you’re aiming for just inside the rim 
  5. Remove the barrel and stay lying down for at least 30 seconds 
  6. Wash your hands with soap and water

Having a bathroom nearby may be helpful in case you need the toilet. 

Need more advice?

For more advice on less risky, safer ways to use amphetamine or other drugs, you can visit our substance glossary, talk to us confidentially online or get in touch with one of our services in England and Scotland.