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Safer ways to use crack cocaine

Using crack is never completely safe but you can reduce the risks by not injecting.

Here are some other methods you could try.

Smoke it off foil (chasing)

You need a small, square piece of foil and a straw (tooter) to inhale the smoke through.

Foil is available free in some needle and syringe services.

Watch a video: How to make a foil straw

  1. Fold the foil in half then open it up again so that it’s V shaped
  2. Put a small rock in the middle of the foil
  3. Hold the foil in one hand and, with the straw in your mouth, heat the rock from below with a lighter
  4. When the rock turns liquid, inhale the vapour through the straw

Things to bear in mind

Always stick to your own straw – sharing raises your risk of infections like HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B.

Smoke it in a pipe

You’ll need a pipe, some gauzes (screens) and a thin stick for poking the gauzes into the pipe.

A glass pipe is best for smoking crack because it doesn’t get too hot.

  1. Pack about 4 or 5 gauzes into one end of the pipe with the stick.
  2. Make a dimple in the last gauze to hold the rock
  3. Gently heat the rock with a lighter until it all melts into the gauze
  4. Heat the gauze with the tip of the lighter flame and inhale the vapour (tip your head back slightly so no liquid runs out of the end)
  5. Rotate the pipe as you heat to make sure you get all the liquid

Watch a video: How to make a safer crack pipe

Things to bear in mind

Smoking crack can damage your lungs. Get some medical advice if your breathing gets painful or difficult.

Avoid using wire wool in a pipe. Small pieces of hot steel can break off and damage your mouth, throat and lungs.

Put it up your bum

The inside of your bum (anus) has a good blood supply. That means anything you put up there gets into your bloodstream quickly.

To take crack via your bum:

  1. Get it ready in the barrel as though you were going to inject
  2. Take the needle off (important!)
  3. Lie on your side, put the tip of the barrel about an inch into your bum and push the plunger
  4. Stay lying down for about 10 minutes

Alternatives to injecting

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