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Safer ways to use powder cocaine (coke, white)

Using cocaine is never completely safe but you can reduce the risks by not injecting.

Here are some other methods you could try.

Snort (sniff) it

To snort cocaine:

  1. Roll up a piece of paper or card into a straw
  2. Put a small amount of cocaine onto a smooth, clean surface
  3. Chop it with a clean razor blade or knife to get rid of any lumps
  4. Use the razor blade or knife to make a short line of cocaine
  5. Put one end of the straw into your nose then run the other end along the line and sniff the cocaine in one go

Things to bear in mind

  • Over time snorting cocaine can damage the inside of your nose. Using a saline nasal spray (available from pharmacies) after snorting can help you avoid this.
  • Always stick to your own straw – sharing straws can spread infections.

Put it up your bum

The inside of your bum (anus) has a good blood supply. That means anything you put up there gets into your bloodstream quickly.

To take cocaine via your bum:

  1. Get it ready in the barrel as though you were going to inject
  2. Take the needle off (important!)
  3. Lie on your side, put the tip of the barrel about an inch into your bum and push the plunger
  4. Stay lying down for about 10 minutes

Alternatives to injecting