How we are run and funded

We believe everyone should feel comfortable getting the support they need, and that belief runs deep in everything we do.

A smiling woman in a striped polo shirt stands in front of a vibrant community bulletin board adorned with various colorful notices and decorations.

How we deliver services

WithYou is commissioned to run essential drug, alcohol, mental health and specialist young person services. To make this happen, we reach out and secure funding from key sources like local authorities, NHS trusts and funding institutions to support our activities and key objectives.

We’re a charity, not a business

Our commitment goes beyond securing financial support - we truly believe in genuine partnerships and connections. That’s why we work hard to identify partners who share our values. Collaborative projects with local authorities and specialist partners, and initiatives supported by NHS Trusts play a pivotal role in amplifying our impact. These partnerships bring diverse expertise, resources, and perspectives to the table, enhancing the quality and reach of our services. 

Together, we can do more

We recognise that we may not always be the best-placed organisation to deliver certain services, and we might not have all the answers. However, we’re fortunate to have an amazing network of partners who could be better suited. In such cases, we lean on their strengths and collaborate closely to ensure people receive the best support possible. 

A group of eight diverse professionals, four men and four women, standing together in an office setting, smiling at the camera.

Leadership and governance

Meet the people who lead and guide our organisation. With passion and expertise, they lead collaboratively, guiding us towards creating positive change in the lives of those we support.

Support from every corner

In addition to commissioned income, we also rely on donations from individuals, trusts and foundations and companies as a means of garnering support. This allows our organisation to comprehensively address and innovate drug and alcohol-related challenges and direct funds to where they are most needed. 

We couldn’t continue our work without our marathon runners, regular givers, corporate partners, trusts and foundations, community groups, and those who give in their will or in memory of their loved ones.