Leadership and Governance

Meet the people who lead and guide our organisation. With passion and expertise, they lead collaboratively, guiding every member towards creating positive change in the lives of those we support.

A group of eight diverse professionals, four men and four women, standing together in an office setting, smiling at the camera.

How we’re governed and led

WithYou has been operating as a charity in England, Wales, and Scotland since 1991. Our team, led by a Board of Trustees, makes sure we're making a positive impact in the communities we serve.

Our Board of Trustees plays a pivotal role in steering WithYou toward its objectives. They oversee the effective delivery of our aims and regularly review our charitable purposes to ensure relevance and validity. 

Leadership is a joint effort between the Board of Trustees and the Executive team. The Chair of Trustees leads the Board in setting strategy and objectives, collaborating closely with the Chief Executive, who leads our Executive team. 

Read the full details of WithYou’s governance in our most recent Annual Report.