Support with Residential Rehabilitation

Supporting you to successfully prepare for and complete a stay within residential rehabilitation services - and to sustain your recovery once you're back in the community

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Make the most of residential rehabilitation

Support before, during and after residential rehabilitation. 

Our Intensive Pre and Post Residential Rehabilitation Support services provide emotional and practical support before you go into a residential rehabilitation service, during your stay, and after you've completed your placement. 

All of our staff have lived, or working, experience of residential rehabilitation. They are closely linked to their local areas, and have extensive knowledge of recovery communities, support groups and wider services.

How it works

Through this service, we can support you to successfully complete a stay within a residential rehabilitation service, and to sustain your recovery once you are back in the community.

Partnership working is intrinsic to the success of our service. From NHS Scotland, to the residential rehabilitation providers, to the local recovery groups that help our clients to maintain positive changes… We all work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for the people we support.

Please note that the residential rehabilitation services are provided and funded by other organisations, and WithYou provides pre and post residential rehabilitation support only.

Who this service is for

This service is available for people attending abstinence residential services (where the focus is living an alcohol and drug free life), as well as stabilisation residential services (where the main focus is stabilising alcohol and drug use).

Nadia’s story

Nadia* says that support from our service made a huge difference to the decisions she made after residential rehabilitation.

At first, she was doing so much to “keep busy” and she wasn’t taking care of her own recovery. Nadia says she was becoming stressed to the point of wanting to use drugs again.

Her WithYou worker suggested she take a break from some of the things she was involved in. She took his advice and immediately felt "much more free". 

Nadia realised the work she was doing – which she thought was going to make her feel well again – was too much, and was impacting her mental and physical health, and her recovery.

She says:

I would just keep going and keep going and keep going and I would just keep getting burnt out and I’d be really confused and want to use all the time. My WithYou worker kind of laid it out to me and that helped because I think no one had said maybe take a step away.


Over time, Nadia’s WithYou worker suggested she should join a gym and a climbing group. She found this had a significant, positive impact on her physical and mental health.

Nadia has also started an SVQ qualification and has sustained her recovery for more than a year.