Policy and research

Find out about our policy and research work here at WithYou.

A person is reading a blue pamphlet displaying various statistics in white and illustrations of hand gestures.

How we influence and inform policy

Influencing drug, alcohol and mental health policy is a core part of what we do to deliver our strategy. We do this through advocacy, providing expert insight and developing an evidence base to support what we stand for. 

Collaboration is key. We work with a wide range of partners, including commissioners, civil servants, Government, researchers, other treatment providers and our clients.

Why it's important

By advocating for the importance of drug, alcohol and mental health treatment and recovery, we can help to transform service delivery across England and Scotland, and radically improve people’s chances of getting better.

What we’re doing

We influence policy in a number of ways.


Contact our policy team

Please email robin.pollard@wearewithyou.org.uk if you would like to discuss our policy, research and influencing work.