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Roles at WithYou

We employ people in a wide variety of roles at WithYou - from frontline and clinical roles in our adult drug and alcohol support services, to positions in our young people's and talking therapies teams, to opportunities in central services. 


Frontline roles

Our Recovery Workers work with our service users to help them to determine what their goals, ambitions and passions are, working with them to create the best treatment plan for their needs and to get them back onto the path to recovery.

This is an integral role for With You. As a frontline worker, you will deliver continuity of care through effective partnership working, care coordination, delivery of interventions and key work responsibilities. You will manage an active caseload of service users, connecting quickly with the people we support, treating them respectfully and with dignity.

Our Team Leaders work with our service users to help them to determine what their goals, ambitions and passions are, whilst managing a team of dedicated Recovery Workers.

As a Team Leader, you will support the management team in the delivery of the service, leading in an area of specialism to ensure that your team delivers quality support and care to our clients.

Our Community Engagement Coordinators (CECs) are responsible for promoting With You Community Engagement Projects involving Project Volunteers, Recovery Champions, Peer Mentors and the wider community.

As a CEC, you will be responsible for the recruitment, induction, training, placement and coordination of supervision arrangements for the above individuals and will ensure alignment with our internal and external stakeholders.

Our Service Administrators are a really important part of our support team within our services.

They support the smooth running of the administrative functions within the service and are responsible for welcoming clients to our service, often being the first face that they see.

Our local services are led by our experienced management teams. 

We recruit for a variety of management positions including:

  • Operations Manager
  • Head of Service Delivery
  • Office and Facilities Managers  

Clinical roles at WithYou

We recruit both Adult and Mental Health Nurses, for a variety of roles across our services.

This includes Substance Misuse and Dual Diagnosis nurses, as well as those specialising in Alcohol Misuse.

As a Nurse at With You, you will provide a range of health and wellbeing and harm reduction interventions to clients, as well as implementing and evaluating care plans.

As a Non Medical Prescriber, you'll be responsible for carrying out clinical assessment, diagnosis and clinical management in line with both WithYou and national regulations, policies and procedures.

You will be eager to keep up to date with developments in the treatments that you are prescribing and help WithYou to develop, implement and evaluate the interventions we use with our clients, including harm reduction, clinics and vaccination and blood testing programmes.

Our Pharmacy Technicians work within our well-established and award-winning Medicines Management Team, supporting the organisation to ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.

As part of this role, you'll deliver safe, efficient, and cost-effective medicines management systems and processes, ensuring that controlled drugs and stationery are handled and stored securely.

Our Clinical Leads are responsible for the provision of clinical care in our service, ensuring that our standards of care allow service users to achieve their recovery goals.

As a Clinical Lead, you'll guide and support clinical staff working within the service, working hand in hand with the service manager to foster a continuous improvement mindset and ensuring that evidence based best clinical practice is delivered in line with national, organisational and local standards.

As a Healthcare Assistant (HCA), you'll help clients to take a holistic approach to their overall recovery journey by helping them to understand the importance of their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

Our HCAs will assess clients, develop a care plan that will work for them and then, with the support and guidance of the clinical team, provide the necessary treatment.

You may also carry out health screening too, such as phlebotomy, BBV screening or monitoring vital signs, withdrawal scales, and treatment compliance for those clients embarking on detoxification.

Young Person's Services

This frontline role is essential in working towards WithYou's missions and aiming to reach the organisations vision.

Our Young Person's Workers are responsible for supporting a caseload of young people who interact with our services that are experiencing difficulties with substance misuse. You'll guide and educate our clients on a variety of substance misuse issues whilst simultaneously encouraging them to explore their own values and self identity. 

Along with the support from your team, you will proactively and consistently engage with young people in your local community, developing individual care plans and guiding them through their WithYou journey.

Our Young Person's Team Leaders work with young clients to provide a supportive and engaging service through monitoring and reviewing recovery plans and care coordination.

As a Young Person's Team Leader, your role will be varied in training and developing Young Person's Workers in order to support our clients through various activities and interventions.

Liaising with external agencies and partnerships will be a daily aspect of your role whilst you continually promote and develop the service along with the management team to deliver a high quality support system who need WithYou’s guidance and support in the local area.

Our Missing From Home Workers work with a variety of external agencies including the regions constabulary and social care services.

By proactively engaging with their local communities to educate, signpost, advise and ultimately reduce the risk of young people going missing from home.

This is a crucial role within our Young Person's service. A Missing From Home Worker supports the voice of the child, and ensures that they are safe and protected from other potential risks such as substance use, mental health, child sexual exploitation (CSE) and child criminal exploitation (CCE).

Working closely with adults, young people and children alike, our Family Workers play an integral part within WithYou's Young Person's services.

Collaboration and communication are key aspects to this position as our Family Workers liaise with appropriate services to improve and safeguard vulnerable people and children.

As a part of this role, you will be the first point of contact to provide advice and information to families on the impact of substance misuse and its effects.

Whilst managing a caseload of clients, you will be an expert in providing advice to colleagues on safeguarding queries, ensuring that each individual is treated with respect and dignity throughout their time with WithYou.

Our Young Person's Managers form part of the management team at WithYou within our Young Person's Services.

This role includes delivering high quality services from both a clinical and non-clinical perspective, and simultaneously engaging with young people in their local community. 

As a Young Person's Managers, you will work closely with local stakeholders to actively promote and develop the extension of the service.

Whilst supporting and managing your teams, you will collaborate with external stakeholders to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies, and consistently developing and share best practice for the wider teams.

Roles in our Central Services team

Our Central Services teams are crucial to ensuring that our frontline services can deliver the highest quality support to our clients. 

We recruit for roles in the following areas:

  • Marketing and Communications
  • People and Inclusion
  • Finance
  • Clinical Governance
  • New Business and Contract Retention
  • IT and Technology
  • Corporate Governance
  • Executive Team

Many of our Central Services employees work remotely, with others working from our Head Office in London and travelling to our services regularly. 

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