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17 July 2024

WithYou responds to the King’s Speech

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18 June 2024

North Somerset residents receive life-changing dental care thanks to new partnership launch

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28 May 2024

Bournemouth staff member to walk 270 kilometres across France to mark historic D-Day landing anniversary


14 May 2024

WithYou responds to expansion of access to life-saving opioid overdose treatment

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9 May 2024

WithYou launches new website to support people facing challenges with drugs, alcohol and mental health 

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29 April 2024

Shropshire alcohol and drug service declares hepatitis c micro-elimination

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1 April 2024

WithYou and BAC O’Connor to deliver CDAS from today

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6 March 2024

More women encouraged to feel empowered and seek support for drug and alcohol use

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21 February 2024

Removing barriers to employment for local people in alcohol and drug recovery

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30 January 2024

WithYou in Lancashire to continue delivering drug and alcohol recovery services to young people across Lancashire

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23 January 2024

Rotherham in-hospital service supports recovery for alcohol and drug-related admissions

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20 December 2023

'Life-saving’ drug and alcohol recovery services to be strengthened across Stoke-on-Trent

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22 November 2023

National alcohol and drug charity WithYou commit to LGBT+ Veteran Standard

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9 November 2023

Number of veterans seeking help for issues with drugs, alcohol and mental health sharply increase

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20 June 2023

Social Media Influencer Chunkz Teams Up with Instagram and With You to Raise Awareness of Drug Issues for Young People