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13 August 2019

Addaction responds to BBC Panorama on gambling

Mike Dixon, Chief Executive at Addaction, said: 

“This documentary shines a spotlight on an industry that is putting profit far ahead of people’s health. Aggressive marketing has caused gambling company profits to soar yet only one in fifty problem gamblers receive treatment. The CEO of just one gambling company is paid 26 times more than the entire industry spends on helping people with gambling problems. It’s astonishing.

“Our own research found that people with a history of problem gambling are more likely to have experienced anxiety and depression and problematic alcohol or drug use. Trying to deal with all these issues along with mounting debt and feelings of shame can be extremely isolating and make people feel helpless. At the moment we’re reaching only a fraction of these people who need help. That’s why the government needs to put a formal levy on the gambling industry to raise money for treatment. It’s time for the industry to step up, but it’s clear they won’t do it on their own.”