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8 May 2019

Addaction responds to Lancet alcohol study

Karen Tyrell, Executive Director of External Affairs at drug and alcohol charity Addaction, said:

“In the UK four out of five people with an alcohol problem aren’t getting any sort of treatment. We need to make it a lot easier to get help and support at a much earlier stage. 

“Alcohol is soaked through our culture. The alcohol industry has set the terms of the debate for too long. Flashy marketing disguises an industry that doesn't do nearly enough to compensate for the harm it causes. We know that 4% of drinkers consume one third of the alcohol sold.

“Helping people make healthier choices is vital but all the evidence shows we need better policy if we are serious about change.

“Increasing the price of high alcohol drinks is proven to make a difference. Minimum Unit Pricing sets a price below which a unit of alcohol can’t be legally sold. It reduces availability of high strength, low-cost drinks that tend to be consumed by people with alcohol problems. Scotland and Ireland have led the way on this and it's time for England to catch up. 

“We need to break the hold alcohol has over our culture. We support a blanket ban on alcohol advertising - just like tobacco. 

“We also know that alcohol is a growing issue for older people. Hospital admissions due to alcohol for this group have increased dramatically in recent years. Alcohol creeps up on people, playing an ever increasing role in their lives. Better treatment options will  help people take control earlier.”

For more information contact:

Mark Byrne | Head of Media | Addaction

M: 079 6628 7949 | Press Office: 0300 303 3442