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8 July 2021

With You responds to Part 2 of Dame Carol Black's Independent Review of Drugs

Responding to the publication of Dame Carol Black’s Independent Review of Drugs, Jon Murray, Executive Director for Services (England) at With You said:

“This review represents a potentially defining moment in the course of drug treatment in the UK. At a time when drug-related deaths have reached record levels, its recommendations provide a clear way forward for getting more people the help and support they need, whilst reducing the harm of drugs in our communities.

“The scope and ambition of the review is to be applauded. It is wide-ranging and addresses many of the issues we hoped it would - from calling for stronger coordination between Government departments and reforming commissioning to rebuilding integrated services.

“The focus on trauma informed service delivery is crucial and we are pleased to see recognition of the interconnected nature of problematic drug use and mental health issues.

“To provide the best possible support, we must explore new approaches that bring services closer together, focusing on the needs of the person rather than the systems and locations at hand.

“This review could signal a long overdue turning point in the delivery of help and support for people in this country. But to succeed, we need the Government to commit to major financial and political investment and a truly collaborative approach to delivery, drawing on the strengths of a wide range of partners.“