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Our NHS Surrey Talking Therapies service is available to anyone who is age 17 or over and registered with a GP in Surrey.

You don't need to be referred by a GP. You can register here to receive free, confidential counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) by completing the form below:

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While you are waiting

While you are waiting to meet your therapist, there's lots you can do to prepare yourself for therapy and to get support.

Information for professionals

If you are a GP and other healthcare professional you can refer patients to our NHS Talking Therapies service in Surrey.


Need urgent help?

Talking therapies is not a crisis intervention service. We cannot provide an urgent or emergency care service. 

If there is an immediate risk to life - for example, if someone has tried to or is about to end their life - call 999 for urgent help.  

If your life isn’t in danger but you need urgent advice, you can call your GP and ask for an emergency appointment. There are other services that can support you too