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How we can help you

We’ll work with you on your own goals whether that’s making small changes, stopping drugs or alcohol completely or just getting some advice.

To find your nearest With You service visit our service finder or chat to us online.

If you come into a service please wear a mask or face covering. If you don’t have any, speak to staff and they can provide one.

We also have online help and advice for anyone who wants to change their drug and alcohol use.

Help for friends and family

You’re welcome to get in touch if you’re worried about someone else’s drinking or drug use. We’re here to help you as well as your loved one.

You can also look at our online advice for friends and family or chat to us online.

What happens when you get in touch

We’ll talk about your drug or alcohol use so staff can get an idea of what help you need.

We will ask about other aspects of your life, such as your housing situation.

Staff will also talk to you about what help you need now, and what plans you want to make for the future.

These plans are based on what you want to do at a pace that suits you. You won’t be made to do anything that you’re not ready to tackle.

This first conversation usually lasts about an hour.

What else to expect when you visit us

If you have COVID symptoms

If you develop COVID symptoms, please don’t come into the service. We can still support you online or by phone if you need us.

Symptoms include:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

If you have these symptoms, it's important to get tested as soon as possible.

Change the way you think and feel

We’ll work with you to put together a plan to help you change how you think and feel about your alcohol or drug use.

Get one-to-one support

When you register with us, you'll be matched with a member of the team. They’ll be your main point of contact while you work towards your goals.

They'll make sure you have the emotional and practical support you need to change your drug or alcohol use, and to stay on track.

Find support

Get group support

We offer a range of group support at all our services.

This includes unstructured groups where people with similar experiences can talk and support each other.

Others are structured sessions where people work together to find practical ways to deal with life's challenges. Some of these groups meet online.

Find out more about our support groups.

Friends and family groups – lots of our services have groups where friends and family affected by substance misuse can support each other.

Structured courses – this is where you follow a structured course doing a different module every week. These usually focus on giving you the practical skills you need to stay on track.

You will only join a group if you feel comfortable with the idea.

Do a detox

Detox is when you are medically supported to reduce or stop your alcohol or opiod use.

If you need detox, With You can support you to do it in the place that’s best for you. That may be at home supported by medical staff, or in hospital.

If you're dependent on alcohol (or think you may be) it’s important to get medical advice before stopping or changing your drinking habits.

See Alcohol detox: what to expect

Go to rehab

We can support you to access rehab in your area.

Rehab is usually residential. That means you get support for drug or alcohol misuse while living with other people in the same situation.

Our residential rehab Chy is based in Cornwall, but takes referrals from around the country.

Learn more about Chy

Help to stay safe

We will help you stay safe and healthy while you work towards your goals.

Access safe equipment

In England, we can provide anyone who injects drugs (including anabolic steroids) with free, new needles, syringes, foil and other equipment.

In Scotland, we support people to access safe equipment via the NHS.

You don't have to be in treatment with us to use one of our needle and syringe services.

All our services can give you advice on safer injecting.

Find a needle and syringe service near you

What to expect when you visit a needle and syringe service

Get tested and vaccinated

We can support anyone who injects (or has ever injected) drugs to get tested for hepatitis C infection or HIV.

In some cases this can be done as early as your first visit to the service.

If you need it, we can sort out treatment for you as well.

We also offer vaccinations against hepatitis B and other infections in some services.

Read more about blood borne virus (BBV) tests.

Get a script

Our services in England offer safe and effective medical prescribing for you.

In Scotland we can support you to get a script via the NHS.

We’ll also offer you group support alongside your prescriptions to help change the way to think and feel about your drug or alcohol use, plus activities to help you stay on track.

You won’t usually be able to get a script on your first visit to one of our services. You’ll usually need to wait a few days at least.

See more about getting a script for a heroin substitute.

Help to prevent overdose

We offer information, training and support to keep you (or someone you know) safe from overdose.

Spot the signs of a drug overdose

We can also give you free naloxone, a medicine that reverses an overdose of drugs like heroin, methadone and morphine.

How to use a naloxone injection (Prenoxad)
How to use a naloxone nasal spray (Nyxoid)

Get sexual health advice

We offer sexual health advice to anyone that needs it, including advice on safer sex and contraception.

Stay on track

We'll carry on supporting you to make positive changes for as long as you need us.

Get involved

Our services offer a wide range of activities to help you stay on track and get to know people who have similar goals to you.

Tai chi, gardening, mindfulness, and arts and crafts are just some of the activities you can get involved with.

In some areas you can also drop in for breakfast or enjoy a meal at one of our cafes.

Volunteer and mentor

Lots of people who use our services become volunteers and mentors with us. Our volunteers are the voice of the people who use our services and play a key role in supporting people to change.

Lots of our volunteers and mentors do training qualifications while they are with us.

Learn more about volunteering with us

Support in prisons

We offer free, confidential advice on drugs and alcohol to people serving sentences in Lincolnshire. We also offer continued care on release.

Support for young people

As well as adults, some of our services support young people under 18 who are at risk of drug or alcohol misuse.

To find out if we have a young person's service in your area chat to us online.

These days, I can honestly say that I’m me again. I’m more than my addiction

– With You client