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Our strategy 2019-2022

We will work with you to make a change.

The challenge

Every year, millions of us are affected by problems with mental health, drugs, alcohol, and self harm. Most of us know someone affected. One in six have personal experience.

These are everyday issues. Yet not enough people are getting help or getting better.

There are thousands of amazing people working in frontline services going above and beyond to fill gaps and meet people’s needs, but something needs to change.

Radically improve people’s chance of getting better

If you have the courage to ask for help, you should have the best chance of getting well.


increase in people’s chances of getting better if the average service was as good as the best

Help ten times more people

We have to think differently if we’re going to help everyone access the support they need.



people work with us now

We want to find new ways for people to get help, not add to already high caseloads. We’ll improve ways to reach us and help people build communities of their own. We’ll involve families and peer groups and create tools that people can use in their own time. We’ll put people in touch, make connections and offer opportunities to get involved. We’ll give a stronger voice and profile to experiences, and make sure we’re welcoming to everyone.

Transform our organisation to get the best from each other

To achieve change, we need to modernise and make it easier to work together.

We’re a big organisation with lots of people doing great work, but some jobs can feel lonely. We’ll provide better tools and platforms to help people join the dots, improve how we lead and support people to learn and develop. We’ll create new partnerships to work together on shared problems, try new things and learn together.


people make up our service as staff or volunteers

Changing the conversation

We know what helps people to connect with others and sustain a change. Sadly, the way many public services are designed can make this more difficult.

Over the next three years, we will try new things, learn and share what it takes to design and deliver services that focus on relationships and reflect modern lives.

We know we can’t make enough difference on our own, and we’d love to work with you.

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