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Press Releases

National alcohol and drug charity WithYou commit to LGBT+ Veteran Standard
22 November 2023

WithYou names new Director of Service Delivery in Scotland
20 November 2023

Support group for families affected by drugs and alcohol in Dundee 20 November 2023

Women biggest group seeking help for issues with drugs, alcohol and mental health via digital platform
18 October 2023

North Somerset residents undergo “life-saving” dental transformation
29 September 2023

With You welcomes plans for the UK's first overdose prevention centre

27 September 2023

With You comments on Minimum Unit Pricing (Scotland)

20 September 2023

With You Announces Appointment of New CEO

12 September 2023

With You comments on overdose prevention centres (Scotland)

11 September 2023

With You responds to the Home Affairs Committee’s report on drugs, published on 31 August 2023

31 August 2023

Drugs contaminated with synthetic opioids: An updated collective message

31 August 2023

With You responds to the National Records of Scotland report on alcohol-specific deaths

29 August 2023

With You responds to the National Records of Scotland report on drug-related deaths

22 August 2023

With You responds to the Scottish Government's recent drug law reform proposals

17 July 2023

Social Media Influencer Chunkz Teams Up with Instagram and With You to Raise Awareness of Drug Issues for Young People
20 June 2023

Cost of living pressures placing UK adults at greater risk of alcohol dependence

13th April 2023

Drug and alcohol treatment service for rough sleepers launches in Shropshore

7th March 2023

Renowned pizza oven brand Gozney launch new Tom Gozney Signature Edition Roccbox to honour the journey of its founder 

August 2022

With You responds to new England & Wales drug-related death stats

10th August 2022

New ADDER Accelerator funded programme to reduce drug-related deaths launches in Liverpool

10 August 2022

With You celebrates one year of delivering ADDER accelerator programme with Liverpool City Council and partners

August 2022

Drug and alcohol services rated ‘Good’ by CQC

August 2022

New programme to reduce drug-related deaths in Wigan

August 2022

With You’s response to an increase in deaths from cocaine/crack

July 2022

With You responds to new Scottish drug-related death stats

June 2022

Response to the Scottish Sun’s investigation into cocaine use among children and young people across Scotland.

June 2022

With You’s response to reports of a diamorphine shortage

23 December 2021
With You partners with Snapchat to bring in-app drugs information and harm reduction advice to young people

23 December 2021
New report highlights barriers to treatment and support for women who use drugs

21 December 2021
With You delivers new scheme to help divert young people from the criminal justice system

9 December 2021
As festivities begin, one in five are worried about their drinking habits

8 December 2021
With You comments on highest alcohol-related deaths since 2001

6 December 2021
With You responds to the new Drugs Strategy

16 November 2021
New Phone Line to Help Tackle Scotland’s Overdose Epidemic

28 October 2021
With You responds to the 2021 Budget and Spending Review

18 October 2021
Student training launched to reduce drug-related harm

1 September 2021
With You announced as partner in new suicide prevention consortium

3 August 2021
With You responds to new ONS statistics which show drug-related deaths have risen to record levels

30 July 2021
With You says rising drug death figures are tragic and preventable

28 July 2021
With You to work with Liverpool City Council to deliver ADDER accelerator programme

8 July 2021
With You responds to Part 2 of Dame Carol Black's Independent Review of Drugs

21 June 2021
With You responds to new UCL study which shows over half of UK adults are drinking more than a year ago

21 June 2021
New major survey reveals the impact of lockdown on Scottish people’s drinking habits

20 May 2021
As pubs re-open, one in four adults are concerned about their drinking habits

13 April 2021
With You launches first easily accessible ‘find a needle and syringe’ service to address escalating safety concerns sparked by the pandemic

15 March 2021
With You in Bournemouth drug and alcohol support worker wins a Dorset High Sheriff Award

23 February 2021
We Are With You responds to deaths of homeless people in Scotland rising to worst rate in Britain

2 February 2021
With You responds to new ONS stats showing alcohol related deaths rose to record levels in 2020

2 February 2021
With You responds to new ONS stats showing alcohol related deaths remain close to record levels

28 January 2021
With You responds to new NHS Drug Misuse statistics

20 January 2021
We Are With You launches tender for technology partner services

15 December 2020
We Are With You labels new Scottish drug deaths figures ‘tragic’ and demands swift action

14 December 2020
We Are With You calls for an increase of Housing First schemes in response to new statistics showing homeless deaths are at record levels

18 November 2020
More than four million over 50s are binge drinking at least once a week during lockdown

14 October 2020
We Are With You responds to new ONS statistics which show drug related deaths have risen to record levels

15 September 2020
We Are With You responds to major new RCP report on addiction services

14 September 2020
We Are With You statement in response to a report from The Independent Commission on Alcohol Harm

11 August 2020
New figures reveal a boost in Scotland’s heroin overdose reversal kits - but more are needed

3 August 2020
Charity warns of a surge of harmful illicit benzodiazepines

3 August 2020
We Are With You wins award for its veterans programme

2 July 2020
Charity calls for greater regulation of the gambling industry in light of new research

7 May 2020
60% of people are less likely to access health services during lockdown

9 April 2020
Belinda Phipps joins We Are With You as Interim Chief Executive

2 April 2020
Charity warns social distancing could lead to a surge in harmful drinking

19 March 2020
We Are With You call for staff to be classified as ‘key workers’ in COVID-19 crisis

26 February 2020
We Are With You (formerly Addaction) calls for action to reduce drug related deaths

4 February 2020
Addaction responds to new NHS statistics showing increasing alcohol related hospital admissions

29 January 2020
Drug, alcohol and mental health charity Addaction to change name

14 January 2020
Addaction responds to the Gambling Commision banning the use of credit cards

13 December 2019
Addaction responds to the result of the general election

5 December 2019
Addaction highlights over-50s in new ONS alcohol related deaths statistics

4 November 2019
New project to increase the availability of life saving drug naloxone in the North East

4 November 2019
Addaction responds to Scottish Affairs Committee report - 'Problem Drug Use in Scotland'

14 October 2019
Addaction welcomes the SNP officially supporting decriminalisation of drugs

14 October 2019
Addaction Chief Executive Mike Dixon is leaving in October 2019 to take up a role at the Liberal Democrats

9 October 2019
Rough sleepers in Cornwall to receive outreach support

7 October 2019
Addaction responds to Kit Malthouse replacing Victoria Aitkens as the Minister responsible for drug policy

2 October 2019
Addaction responds to rise in homeless deaths due to drug poisoning

10 September 2019
Addaction responds to Public Health England (PHE) evidence review into prescription medicines

4 September 2019
Addaction welcomes increased funding for innovative drug treatment approaches in Scotland

15 August 2019
Drug related deaths are a preventable tragedy, says Addaction

13 August 2019
Addaction responds to BBC Panorama on gambling

16 July 2019
Addaction responds to new Scottish drug related deaths statistics

28 June 2019
Addaction's service for veterans gets funding boost

20 June 2019
Lancashire volunteer wins Red Rose Award

3 June 2019
Addaction veterans visit Buckingham Palace

29 May 2019
10 young people from Halton went to Buckingham Palace to collect their Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards

9 May 2019
Art exhibition ‘Groundings’ brings community together

8 May 2019
Addaction responds to Lancet alcohol study

25 March 2019
Government report explores 'concerning' rise in crack use

7 March 2019
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Blackpool Fulfilling Lives project

25 February 2019
Home Office grants Addaction first licenced drug checking service

6 February 2019
Hereford veterans to get specialist support for alcohol and drugs

5 February 2019
Addaction comments on forthcoming Statistics on Alcohol (NHS, 2018)

31 January 2019
Addaction welcomes decision to remove age fields from online rehab directory

24 January 2019
National project to build connections in recovery

15 January 2019
Pilot project to support children of alcohol dependent parents

14 January 2019
Craig was stood at the end of the pier ready to jump - now he’s running a marathon

14 January 2019
Addaction expands services in Shropshire