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28 June 2019

Addaction's service for veterans gets funding boost


Addaction’s specialist drug, alcohol and mental health programme for people from the armed forces has been given a cash boost.

Right Turn (founded in 2012 by Addaction in Sheffield) has received a total of £90,000 to continue its vital work with veterans.

Emma Couch, a co-ordinator for Right Turn, explained: “The latest funding is brilliant news for our staff and for those who use our services. People who have served in the armed forces come home not only to a culture change and a new way of living, but they often return with mental and physical health issues to deal with. These can lead to isolation, drug and alcohol dependency, beliefs that no one wants to know them and even personal shame.

“Addaction’s Right Turn program lets us give veterans drug, alcohol and mental health support that is tailored to their experiences, issues and needs. We give relevant practical support too, such as linking them with others who have shared similar experiences and assisting them with housing and financial issues.”

Emma explained how Right Turn’s regional co-ordinators, like herself, train workers at Addaction services across the UK so they can give this specific type of support. There are now 10 Right Turn projects in place, positioned in areas of highest demand. In addition to trained staff, Right Turn also invites veterans into services to share their personal recovery tools with others and give peer support.

Emma added: “The latest funding will let us improve access to - and continue the availability of - our specialist substance misuse services. We’ll continue to train more staff in the Right Turn model and ultimately help more veterans feel safe to say who they are, what they are experiencing and, crucially, to get tailored help.”

The funding boost is made up of £30K from ABF The Soldiers’ Charity (formerly the Army Benevolent Fund), £30K from Veterans’ Foundation, £15k from RAF Benevolent Fund and £15K from Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.